• When using the M/1, avoid putting your finger or any objects close to the piston over the Massage Head. 
  • Use only Deflexr Massage Heads and only as specified by Deflexr. 
  • Avoid using M/1 close to your genitals or on your head. Avoid getting your hair caught around any moving part on the M/1, especially the Massage Head arm. Keep M/1 below your Adam’s Apple. 
  • Avoid getting the M/1 wet unless you are using a lightly damp towel or the magic eraser to clean it. 
  • Avoid getting the vents of the motor blocked. 

The user must read the instruction manual provided by Deflexr to decrease the risk of injury. 




As safe as Deflexr M/1 can be, it remains an advanced mechanical tool designed with electric components. If you fail to properly use or maintain Deflexr M/1 and its accessories, you are exposed to the risk of electric shock, injury, or fire. Always follow basic precautions when making use of the Deflexr M/1, which include: 

  1. Use Only As Described. Follow all information provided in this Deflexr Instruction Manual to use the product. Stick to only the recommended replacement parts and recommended accessories instructed by Deflexr. Avoid conducting any maintenance other than the provided instructions in this Instruction Manual or as recommended by Deflexr. 
  2. Avoid Reach of Children. Children or persons with no knowledge and experience or with reduced sensory, physical or reasoning abilities should not use the Deflex M/1 and charger, unless there is supervision by a responsible person regarding using the Deflexr M/1 to make sure the Deflexr M/1 is safely charged and used. Avoid using the Deflexr M/1 as a toy. It is important to keep a closer attention when using the device close to children. It is also advisable to supervise children and prevent them from playing with the Deflexr M/1 device or its charger. 
  4. CAUTION: FOR PREVENTION AGAINST THE RISK OF INJURY, ONLY DEFLEXR CHARGERS SHOULD BE USED TO CHARGE THE LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES. Using other chargers may result in damage or personal injury. Avoid using the car cigarette lighter to charge or use the device and avoid getting the battery wired to a power supply plug. The battery will be damaged or disabled permanently.
  5. CHARGING LOCATIONS. A well-ventilated and dry location is suitable to charge the Deflexr. Avoid charging the Deflexr M/1 in the bathroom, outdoors, or within 3.1 meters (10 feet) of a pool or bathtub. Avoiding using the Deflexr M/1 or its charger on any wet surfaces and ensure the charger is not exposed to rain, snow, or moisture. Avoid using the battery or charger around explosive atmospheres (dust, flammable materials, or gaseous fumes) as it may cause sparks, resulting in possible fire. 
  6. UNPLUGGING THE CHARGER. Get the plug pulled out; avoid pulling the cord to prevent damaging the electric cord and plug. Do not carry the charger by its chord. Ensure the cord is kept from oil, sharp edges, and heat. Avoid using or charging the Deflexr with a bad cord. Avoid stretching the charger or putting the cord under strain. Ensure the cord is kept away from heated surfaces. Avoid using wet hands to handle the Deflex M/1, its charger, or its charger terminals. 
  7. UNPLUG CHARGER when you are not charging the device. Ensure the charger is disconnected from the outlets when not used over a long period of time. Ensure the charger cord is placed where it cannot be tripped over, stepped on, or otherwise susceptible to stress or damage. If your charger is damaged, replace it immediately. 
  8. AVOID OVERCHARGING THE DEVICE. It is bad to leave your battery in the charger after over an hour of fully charged. When you overcharge the battery, the battery may be damaged or its useful life will be reduced. 
  9. AVOID BLOCKING THE MOTOR VENTS. Ensure the vents are free of obstructions. The Deflexr M/1 should not be used when the vents are blocked; keep free of lint, hair, dust, and anything that can probably decrease airflow. Ensure fingers, hair, or loose clothing are not close to the vents and moving areas, especially the Massage Head Cylinder. 
  10. AVOID INCINERATING OR BURNING THE BATTERY. This may lead to an explosion of the battery, causing damage or personal injury. If you burn the battery, you create toxic materials and fumes. 
  11. AVOID DROPPING, DAMAGING, OR CRUSHING THE BATTERY. Avoid using the charger or battery with a sharp blow, or had been run over, damaged, or dropped in any manner.
  12. BATTERY CHEMICALS RESULTS IN SEVERE BURNS. Avoid getting the chemical in contact with your mouth, eyes, or skin. If there is a leak from a damaged battery, make use of neoprene gloves or rubber to dispose of it. If there is a contact with skin, use water and soap to wash it and use vinegar to rinse off. If there is contact with the eyes, use water to flush for 20 minutes and get medical attention immediately. Dispose contaminated clothing immediately. 
  13. AVOID SHORT CIRCUIT. When the negative and positive contacts of the battery are connected by a metal object, a short circuit can occur. Avoid placing the battery close to any object that can lead to a short circuit, including keys, nails, or coins in your pocket. Such short circuited battery can possibly lead to personal injury and fire. 
  14. ENSURE YOUR BATTERY AND CHARGER ARE STORED IN a cool, dry location. Ensure the battery is not stored in a location with temperature above 40°C (100°F) like in a vehicle, direct sunlight, or metal building amid summer. 
  15. DISPOSING THE DEFLEXR BATTERIES. Ensure your battery is disposed according to the local, state, and federal laws. Reach out to your recycling agency for the right recycling locations. In fact, there is usually energy in discharged batteries. 
  16. AVOID DISASSEMBLING. Improper reassembly or disassembly may lead to the risk of fire, electric shock or exposure to the battery chemicals. If this also occurs, the warranty is considered void, as well as when any of the parts of the charger, battery, or Deflexr is removed. If there is any damage to the M/1, contact Deflexr immediately. 
  17. SERVICE. If an improper operation of the Deflexr M/1, its Charger or Battery is discovered, or you noticed a sharp blow, or it was damaged, dropped on the floor or in water or left outdoors, contact Deflexr before using it at for service or repair. Avoid trying to disassemble or repair the Deflexr M/1 that may lead to fire or electric shock. 


There is a 1 year warranty with the Deflexr M/1. Your M/1 can only be replaced or repaired under the warranty when the package is shipped prepaid and insured to Deflexr. This warranty is not applicable to damage from initial repairs by anyone other than Deflexr, nor misuse, abuse, alterations, accidents, typical wear and tear, or poor maintenance. For additional details of warranty, visit For issues relating to warranty, please send an email to


  • Never try to disassemble the battery 
  • Never expose the battery to temperatures beyond 40°C (104°F) or store under direct sunlight
  • Never expose the charger or battery to water
  • Normal room temperature is most suitable for the operation of the charger and the battery. 
  • Ensure the battery is fully charged for long-term storage
  • Ensure the charger is removed once the M/1 turns solid green